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Credit services that generate new revenue

Migo Cash

Short-term cash loans to bank accounts, mobile wallets, or prepaid debit cards. Migo will disburse cash loans to your customers in whatever account is easiest for them to access.

Migo proxPay

Credit-based proximity payments. Using ubiquitous channels like Whatsapp, USSD, Instagram, and Facebook, Migo allows in-person payments without the need for plastic cards or POS machines.

Migo ePay

Credit-based payments on Websites, Mobile Apps, or Payment Platforms. You can partner with Migo to launch credit-driven products on your channels to significantly grow your customer base and transaction revenue.

Migo cardPay

Issue virtual and physical credit cards to all customer segments, including lower income segments. Migo combines your data with data from telecommunication operators and other industry players to allow you to fund payment transactions with or without traditional credit card networks or credit bureaus.

Migo overPay

Overdraft facility on accounts, digital wallets, and debit cards for all customer segments. Extend more functionality to lower income borrowers than ever before.

Credit anywhere your customers are

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Increase customer Lifetime Value

Attract customers, keep them coming back and enable them to spend more. The availability of consumer credit unlocks the value of tomorrow, today. Consumers get the buying power they need to invest in the life they deserve, while businesses increase sales and deepen customer relationships.

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Create New Revenue Streams

Migo enables businesses to extract value from their customer data. Generate new revenue streams by launching data-driven financial services products that strengthen customer relationships.

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Turnkey Solution

Migo’s cloud based platform enables businesses of all sizes to offer credit to their customers through a simple integration to Migo’s APIs.

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